VC investors prefer personal connection with entrepreneurs

Alex Pentland

Gallup Management Journal recently interviewed Alex Pentland, professor of media, arts, and sciences at MIT and the author of Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World. One of the issues discussed was why VCs rather invest in business where they have a personal connection and which they can regularly visit. Here is an expert of […]

Plan to sell your business

Ever thought of selling your own business one day as a way of unlocking the value you added over many years of blood, sweat and tears? Listen to this short interview with John Warrillow, author of Built To Sell.  

Entrepreneurial Success – Practical Tips After 50 Years In The Industry

Emanuel Isserow

This week I met an entrepreneur who’s been active in his industry for longer than I’ve walked this planet. So I thought it good to ask him what he would say makes a business successful; and he obliged with such clear answers, that I have to report on it here… Emanuel Isserow is Managing Director […]

The Joy Of Entrepreneurial Investment And Mentoring

Permjot Valia

The joy of working in the entrepreneurial space can be endless, as early stage investor Permjot Valia wrote in his recent blog after attending Seedcamp. The objective of Seedcamp is to connect “next generation  entrepreneurs” with mentors from “a top-tier network of company builders” in Europe. “I am feeling very happy right now, despite having […]

Why do Growth Entrepreneurs Succeed?

VC investments

What’s up with the interest in entrepreneurial growth in Cape Town? Why is it that twice the number of recent new comers to the Venture Capital community chooses Cape Town as the location to set-up head office? The recently published report on the state of the Venture Capital in South Africa attributes two factors to […]

Are you a true entrepreneur?

entrepreneur inside

Do you see yourself as truly entrepreneurial? Do you lead your teams, manage your business processes and master yourself like an entrepreneur? Use Christoff Oosthuysen’s quick test to see how you measure up. It is called the 3 x 3 of True Entrepreneurship and it is based on the understanding that true entrepreneurs operate on […]