Be Grateful And You’ll Be Happy

Be Grateful

This message is about being grateful. I recently completed Martin Seligman’s VIA Survey of Character Strengths again and realised that “Gratitude” moved up to my number five strength. Previously it did not feature at all! Read the short blog I posted after doing the test, if this test sounds like something you could benefit from. […]

Research results show how to be happy

Two recent Gallup Management Journal articles provide some interesting insights into research on how you can create the conditions for more happiness in your life. It boils down to this: – Live with people/someone who has high wellbeing and it will boost your chances of having high wellbeing. – Donating money rather than buying material […]

Teach Your Brain To Be Happy

Philippa Perry

It’s amazing that the degree of fulfilment and joy we experience – including in our work and productive tasks – is wholly determined by the way our brains are wired. And what’s more amazing is that we can improve these experiences by changing this wiring! While there isn’t a foolproof prescription for making yourself a […]

Practical Way To Measure Happiness At Work

Creating and maintaining a productive team is one of the most pressing challenges faced by managers in small and large companies alike. Now listen to how the folk over at Nixon MacInnes approaches this issue: “The key to building a great team is to create a wonderful place to work that will attract and keep […]

Hapiness Increasingly Measured

Happiness is a workplace issue and should be firmly entrenched in all management strategies for productivity. Happiness and life satisfaction, observes Ray Williams of Success IQ University in Psychology Today, is increasingly measured by economists and psychologists, and should no longer be seen as an abstract concept. So why should we be focussing on how […]

Compressed acts of kindness makes you happier

open door

Random acts of kindness make the person performing the kind act happier when they’re grouped together within a shorter time period. Experimental psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky found in her happiness research that doing something for other people five times in one single day makes you happier than if you spread out those five acts over a […]

Eight Steps Toward A More Satisfying Life

family and friends

How can you experience more happiness in your life? Easy, says psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. Here are eights steps she suggested to Time Magazine readers a while back: 1. Count your blessings. One way to do this is with a “gratitude journal” in which you write down three to five things for which you are currently […]

Proof that over-doing good stuff is bad


People who once a week write down five things they are grateful for are happier than those who do it three times a week. “It’s an issue of timing or frequency. When people do anything too often it loses the freshness and meaning. You need to have optimal timing,” according to Sonja Lyubomirsky, an experimental […]