The 4 Key Concepts You Need To Know To Attract More New Customers

Attract New Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of business: without customers to buy your products or services, you wouldn’t even have a business to begin with.  What can you do to consistently attract the right customers? Before I answer that question, remember every business is going to do their best to attract new customers, but growth can only […]

How To Attract Your Ideal Customers

John Jantsch

Some times you have customers you would like to fire (or some times even worse, who you want to put fire to)! Why is it that you have customers who are causing you grief? Are you attracting the wrong kind of customers? How can you attract the ideal customers — those that you are meant […]

Choosing Your Customers


Seth Godin says earlier this month in his blog: “Yes, you get to choose them, not the other way around… It’s not a matter of who can benefit from what you sell. It’s about choosing the customers you’d like to have.” “You choose them with your pricing, your content, your promotion, your outreach and your […]