Busyness & interruption destroy your creativity

John Cleese - wcf

John Cleese is not only funny. He is also right… Listen to him explaining why being excessively busy and being interrupted will decrease your capacity for creativity and reduce the quality of your work. He says you should “sleep on it” to get the subconscious mind solving problems you are working on and follow the […]

Switch off your inbox to get things done & increase productivity


Imagine getting five important tasks done every day, instead of just your usual four! Well, you can achieve this incredible increase in productivity by taking just one simple step — switch off your message-reminders! You can get into your flow and increase your productivity with 17% by removing distractions such as new inbox alerts on […]

Attention Management Tip For Productivity

“Focus your undivided attention on a task during an uninterrupted block of time.” This is today’s “attention management” tip for productivity in your work, from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as explained in his book Good Business – Leadership, Flow and the Making of Meaning. On average it takes you between 15 minutes and an hour to complete […]

Meaningful Work Is Productive Work

Meaning IN Work and Meaning AT Work

I’m not sure if it is just my selection of reading material, but recently I noticed that just about every entrepreneurial blog post or business book I read includes reference to the benefits to clarify the purpose of your business and how you can get your team to perform better by showing how their work […]

It depends on the weather…

Gerrit Cloete

Just read this thought-provoking story by Gerrit Cloete of Productivity Pit Stop. Here is an extract: [quote]”…then he asked me: “Where do you stay now?”“Just up here in High Cape – and you?”“It depends on the weather”, he says.“If it is warm I sleep on the sidewalk or maybe under the bridge. If it windy […]

Learn from Toyota in using a one-page plan


In our Flow Marketing planning process we use a one-page plan. A bit like what Toyota does with their A3 approach. You should ask yourself how you can simplify your plans and learn from these visual and to-the-point planning approaches! How useful is your business plan, or operational plan, or marketing plan? How much does […]

Productive People Work For Own Goals

Employees work to meet their own goals, not that of the company

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Get Things Done With Task Lists

To do lists

Here is another BizTip for the entrepreneurs who find it difficult to get everything done within the working day:  “Get things done by using task lists!”     Christoff Oosthuysen is the resident business coach on Randall Abrahams’ weekly radio show, Point of View. Here is another of the weekly BizTips [display_podcast] You might perhaps […]

Increase productivity by being happy


“The single most efficient way to increase your productivity is to be happy at work.” – Alexander Kjerulf Kjerulf also says: – Your productivity will vary wildly from day to day. – Working more hours means getting less done. – Working harder means getting less done. – Procrastination can be good for you. – And […]

Building Trust & Flow

Interesting observations by Michelle Clarke of Talent Dynamics on “trust and flow” after they measured this with one of their clients: The team  members saw, from their individual scores, where they delivered the most trust and flow and were able to create blueprints to increase this. It gave them a whole new strategy for implementation that […]