Christoff Oosthuysen

Business Improver & Inspirational Entrepreneur

Christoff Oosthuysen

Christoff Oosthuysen

Listen to short interview with Christoff about him as “business improver” and “flow coach”.

Christoff says his life mission is to measurably contribute to the improvement in the quality of life of more than a million people.

After fifteen years in the field of enterprise development, he recently joined Flow Finders International, where he is focusing on increasing ‘flow experiences’ in the workplace. Here he helps customers from corporations, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to find meaning in their work so that they can achieve their personal goals and contribute effectively to the objectives of the organisations they work in.

In addition to his consulting and coaching work, Christoff also lectures in social entrepreneurship and speaks on achieving business goals by finding ‘your best game’.

As entrepreneur himself, Christoff was in 1996 a founding partner of BusinessOwner&Co, an enterprise development services firm. He developed the business as MD to the point of selling the media unit into a multi-national corporation in 2006.

Christoff is a keen contributor to the idea of ‘doing good’ through business – which explains his motto: “Get & Give – Happily!”

Christoff’s knack to translate complexities into easy to use and practical tools served him well as creator of the My Balanced Business online test, the Flow Canvas 1-page business planning method and the Flow Marketing system. He is the inaugurator of the Enterprise Development Awards, with Anglo America’s Zimele programme as the first winner, and he is an active member of several international entrepreneurship and business development networks.

He serves on the mentor and service provider panels of Business Partners, the Industrial Development Corporation, the National Empowerment Fund and the Small Enterprise Development Agency; and he is accredited on the highest level by the Institute of Business Advisers. Christoff also serves as Director at Shawco at the University of Cape Town, where he is responsible for the growth of the various businesses falling under the umbrella of Shawco Enterprises.

In addition to the experience he gained in the business development field, Christoff worked twelve years in marketing and media production. He also published adult educational books and worked as programme director in the adult literacy field during the 1980s.

His practical experience is supported by the completion of various training courses and academic programmes such as the Associate Coaching and Strategic Management Certificates from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. He is a University of Stellenbosch graduate with a BA Hons (Cum Laude) in the Sociology of Work.

Christoff lives with his wife, Christiana, and two children, Luleila and Jacques, in the shadow of Table Mountain in Cape Town – that is, if he has not escaped city life for a while with a trip into the majestic mountains of Southern Africa!